Thursday, June 29th, 2017

The Herb Chambers Companies Pursues Fast-Moving E-Commerce


By Tony Bittick

Wards Auto Logo, Mar 28, 2011

Automotive e-commerce is a fast-moving target, and The Herb Chambers Companies is a speedy organization in its own right. Herb Chambers is an amazing motivator and constantly encourages us to never settle and to always seek constant improvement, says Jay Gubala, E- Commerce & Business Development General Manager for The Herb Chambers Companies, based in Massachusetts and including 48 dealerships.

Jay Gubala

Six of those stores are on the Ward’s e-Dealer 100, accounting for a total of 9,808 Internet-related vehicle sales.

Over the years, The Herb Chambers Companies has received various best-of accolades, but the boss tells his employees not to rest on past accomplishments, Gubala says.

Whereas e-commerce is a moving target, Herb Chambers philosophy has been instrumental to our success, he says. Our team never settles.

While The Herb Chambers Companies had its first website up and helping to sell cars in 1994, it took some auto dealers years to follow suit. Many dealers are just starting to create mobile websites, but Chambers did so two years ago and also has an iPhone and Android applications.

Herb has unbelievable foresight, conviction and the horsepower to get things done, Gubala says. We don’t make revolutionary changes but we make evolutionary changes every single month.

The Herb Chambers Companies have been involved in social media for the last four years and today relies on a combination of inside and outside resources to maintain its Facebook, YouTube and Twitter presence.

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